Why is my dog throwing up?

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    Why is your dog throwing up ?

    The sign of your dog getting sick probably makes you feel sick.  As a pet lover, you go into mommy mode and want to fix it immediately.  The first thing is to find out if she is regurgitating or vomiting.  Do you know the difference? 


    Regurgitation is usually substance that is undigested food or fluid and keeps the shape of the esophagus. Your furry friend is may experience difficulty breathing or/and coughing. Regurgitation usually happens after eating.

    Vomiting is a more forceful throw-up from their stomach and upper intestine. Vomiting may occur hours after eating.

    Your dog may vomit because she has ate something to fast, or ate spoiled food.  Your dog may vomit because  she ate to much grass or played hard after eating. She could be vomiting because she is just sick. Stomach issues are the most common reasons for vomiting.

    However, vomiting may also be something that requires immediate medical attention. Your dog may have swallowed a toxic substance or can have a medical condition that requires treatment.  If you are uncertain contact your vet immediately. 

    If your furry friend is experiencing the below signs you should contact your vet immediately.

    Frequency of vomiting





    Suspect item in vomit

    Blood in vomit

    Weight loss

    Change in appetite

    Increase or decrease in thirst or urination

    If you have a puppy, they are at an increased risk of contracting serious diseases like parasites and parvo.  It is best to be safe and contact your vet immediately.

     Vomiting is a very common occurrence for dogs and is most often caused by gastritis, or irritation of the stomach. Now if you believe that your dog is vomiting because she is just sick or ate to much grass or ate to fast.  If your dog is behaving normally except for the vomiting, you can probably wait a little longer and see what happens.   If there are no other symptoms try the following:

    • • Fast - anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Let your dog empty his stomach.
    • • Hydrate - Make sure fresh water is available - all day and night
    • • Bland diet - Boiled chicken and rice. No oil, salt, seasoning, or any other additives. 

    Hydration is the most important for your furry friend during this time.  Dehydration can lead to serve problems.

    If your furry friend is still not up to her woof woof self in a day or two you should follow up with your vet.

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