Why Does My Dog Sniff Me?

    dog sniffing

    Does your dog sniff you as soon as you walk in the door? Does your dog sniff you every time you leave and return into the room.  How about when she is on her daily walk or at the dog park, does she run around and sniff everything?  Why is your dog sniffing so much and what does it mean.

     First we have to discuss the nose. The dogs nose is very powerful. Their nose has over 200 million scent receptors compared to 5 million receptors humans have.  They can smell things that humans can only dream of. Dogs use their sense of smell to explore, evaluate and even communicate. Therefore, a dogs nose is their primary sense.

    So why does she sniff?  Sniffing can make them feel better, and make them more tired and content. Sniffing for a dog, is like a human handshake.  It is their way of saying hello. They sniff things they are interested in. Dogs sniffing can be out of curiosity, or fear.

    If your dog is sniffing you a lot more these days, pay attention.  They are very good at detecting illness.  Dogs have been known to sniff out and sense Narcolepsy, Migraines, Low Blood Sugar, Cancer and Seizures.  They are even testing dogs to sniff out Covid-19. For more information about dogs and sensing illness, read the article from treehugger.com.

    Maybe your dog is smelling other people on you or a new perfume. Dogs can also smell hormone changes, food coming out of your pores, or even new laundry detergent. They can smell something from your new job or smell something from the restaurant you just ate at.

    If you feel your dog is sniffing to much there is a  trick we  use to help our dog stop sniffing. Consider giving her nose workout. Take her out and let her sniff new outside smells, let her lead the walk and find new smells, maybe give her a new smell to smell and it may calm her curious nose.