Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs?

    dog sleeps between your legs

    Why does my dog like to sleep between my legs?

    Does your dog want to always be between your legs? Is this your dogs goto position to sleep in? There are many theories. Here are the most common thoughts as to why your dog chooses to sleep between your legs.

    Theory 1:  Dogs are pack animals and pack animals tend to stay close to one another and she could think you are part of her pack. Ever see pictures of dog piles? They sleep on top of each other.

    Theory 2:  It could be  for comfort, bonding  and warmth. Your dog may like the comfort of being in between your legs because he feels safe and protected feeling you on both sides of him. He could be showing love and affection and by pressing up against you he is bonding with you.

    Theory 3:  Your dog could sleep between your legs because of hormones. In humans, oxytocin is well known as a hormone that helps mother and baby bond, and as a chemical in the brain that increases the ability of people to understand emotions and solve social problems. There is evidence that oxytocin is also involved in bonding between humans and dogs.

    Theory 4: Your dog could be sleep between your legs because of instinct.  Notice how dogs circle before they lie down.  The circling is to pat down tall grass in the wild, and having their backs to a wall is self-preservation so nothing can sneak up behind them while they sleep. They can be instinctively sleeping between your legs because they feel they are encased and no harm can come to them.  Think burrowing.

    If your dog is sleeping between your legs all theories have this in common. Your furry friend really loves you, feels safe with you and wants to be close to you. 

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