Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath

    There are a couple of reasons your dog can have bad breath.  There are a couple of causes that are most common. Before we discuss cures for it, we need to discuss the cause of it.

    There are a couple of causes that are most common. The most common are oral hygiene and periodontal disease, dietary habits , diabetes, kidney disease and liver disease.So know that I have you believing your dog is seriously ill, she probably isn't but let's review the scary causes of bad breath first.

    Diabetes is serious but treatable. If your dogs breath is sweet or fruity smelling and she is drinking and urinating more than usual,  schedule an appointment with your vet and mention your concerns.

    If your dogs breath smells like pee, this could be a sign of  Kidney disease. Contact your vet and discuss your concerns.

    Liver Disease bad breath is really bad, almost foul. If her breath smells like this and she has a lack of appetite or vomits  and there is a yellow hue on her gums, call your vet and get her checked out ASAP. Liver disease is a very serious condition.  

    Now if your dogs breath is bad because of oral hygiene, there are a couple of ways to treat it. The most obvious would be brushing. Teeth brushing reduces tarter and plaque build up. If you are not successful brushing yourself, you can schedule a dental visit with your vet. Another option is chew toys that reduce build up in their mouths. Amazon has some great dental hygiene toothbrushes for your dog, they also have lots of dog chew toys that reduce build up. If your furry friend won't let you brush her teeth and doesn't like the chew toys. There are some successful home remedies you can try.

    Some very success home remedies for bad breath include vanilla yogurt, parsley, organic apple cider and dill.  If your dog is not lactose intolerant, give her a teaspoonful a day. Remember to only give vanilla and check ingredients to make sure it does not contain Xylitol! If you have parsley or dill in the house, chop it up and sprinkle in your dogs food. Organic apple cider is usually made of apples and cider which are safe for dogs. Add a teaspoon in your dogs water bowl to help freshen her breath.