Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?


    dog eating grass

    Does your dog eat  grass? So does mine.   What's up with that? If your dog is anything like mine, she probably has a well  balanced diet. So why does she eat grass?


    Does your dog eat poop or smelly socks or dirty shoes? Dogs tend to eat all kinds of stuff, some stuff is even grosser and more harmful than grass. Maybe they just like the taste of  it.  Maybe it is the texture they are intrigued with.

    Most studies show that even if your dog has a well balanced diet, your dog may still eat grass and furthermore, the studies show that most types of grass will not make your dog sick.  However, If she seems to be eating more grass than usual, keep an eye out.  Excess grass eating can be a sign of  an underlying illness. Too much grass eating can cause a problem. She can accidentally ingestion pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer or chemicals that your gardener may have used to treat your lawn.

    If you think that she may have eaten too much, give your local vet a call and advise him of your concerns.

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