Should I Let My Dog Sleep with Me?

    dog in bed

    Do You Sleep With Your Dog?

    I am sure you have been asked "Do you let your dog sleep with you?"  If you answer yes, I'm sure the next thing you here is "Oh, no --your dog should sleep in a crate or on the floor." This has been a hot top for pet lovers and will continue to be one for years to come.  While this topic appears to be a personal choice, studies show that about half of pet owners let their furry friends sleep with them. 

    Recent research shows there are .many benefits to sleeping with your furry friend and you should not feel bad.

     For a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog, it’s quite unlikely that sleeping in your bed or bedroom will do anything except delight your dog, comfort you, and enhance the dog-owner bond. But if your dog is showing signs of aggression or any other problem behavior that is being worsened by co-sleeping, provide your dog with his own sleeping space while you consult with a professional trainer, a behavior consultant, or your veterinarian.

     Research shows that in addition to spending more time with your dog, sleeping with your dog can ease anxiety and increase the feeling of companionship and comfort with your furry friend. Sleeping together can also strengthen your bond.  Being together in a quiet setting like the bed, can help you get closer. Your dog provides  an instant warming blanket in the winter,  and there is nothing like waking up to wet kisses or a wagging tail.

     Now, if your dog is showing signs of aggression or any other problem behavior that is being worsened by co-sleeping, it is recommended that you provide your dog with her own sleeping space such as a crate, place on the floor or a dog bed and consult with your trainer, or your veterinarian.  Another concern is if you are a cancer patients, transplant recipients, or H.I.V.-positive person you should check with your doctor to see if sleeping with your furry friend is  a good choice for you.

    Some concern with sleeping with your pet was disease, germs and illness.  Other concern with sleeping with your pet was shedding, snoring or disturbed sleep. Experts now say that if you and your pet are in good health there is very little risk in getting sick. A pet considered in good health is up-to-date on vaccines, has no fleas, ticks, or other parasites, no illnesses, and has regular vet checkups.

    Will you be sleeping with your dog tonight?

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