Park Safety for Your Dog


    dog park

    Take a Walk in the Park Day is March 30th


    While a dog park is a great place for dogs to socialize and get some exercise, it is important to keep your furry friend safe. Do you know how to keep your dog safe?

     Age Appropriate:  Make sure your furry friend is older than 12 weeks. Your puppy should be fully immunized in order to prevent common infections.

    Shy dogs:  Does your dog really want to play with others?  Some shy or unsocial zed dogs may find a dog park traumatic.

    Hydration and Health:  Bringing your dogs water bowl is a great way to keep your dog hydrated and healthy.  Communal bowls can have parasites and other germs.

    Check the perimeter of the park: Make sure the park is enclosed with a fence or some kind of wall that your dog should not be able to jump over.

    Check play area:  Does your park have specific locations for small and large dogs?  A small dog can get injured just by playing with a large dog.

    Check out your dogs potential playmates:  Use your eyes and scope around, what the other dogs and make sure the park is safe and free of aggressive dogs or parents not parenting.

    Enjoy the park and make sure your furry friend is safe. Everyone benefits from a nice day outdoors.