How do Dogs Show Affection

    How do you show affection for your dog? Do you hug her, kiss her or play with her? It’s easy for humans to show affection for their dogs. Maybe you give her a belly rub, or bake her special treats.  Now, does your dog show you affection? How do you know. Dogs show their feelings and affection very clearly, you just need to know what to look for.


    The six most popular ways 

    Wagging Tail



    Eye Contact



    Wagging Tail:  Most people know that a wagging tail is a sign of a happy dog. This wagging tail could mean they are happy to see you, or maybe happy for a treat they see in your hand.

    dogs nose

    Nose:  Does she nudge you? Not because she needs you to move or is looking for attention. Does she nudge you with a stare or a wagging nail, or a lean? If she does, she is expressing affection for you. So, the next time she comes to you and buts her nose on your lap, let her know you love her to.


    dogs kisses

    Licking: Licking, also known as dogs kisses is another sign of love and respect.  Not only does licking mean they adore you, it also means they trust and respect you. Another words, you are their buddy and they are happy you are in their life.


    staring in eyes2

    Eye Contact: Just like with humans, if you stare directly into the eyes of your mate, you are saying, I love you, you are great. Dogs follow in our footsteps. If she looks directly at you, she is showing true love, affection and trust. While they are looking into your eyes the "love" hormone also known as oxytocin is being released in their brain.  Don't be surprised if they are a bit energetic after your love stare.


    Jumping:  Ever walk in the house after being away for awhile and your furry friend just runs and jumps at you in a crazy manner? Jumping in excitement that they almost knock you over? They are overwhelmed with excitement and love for you and are just so happy to see you.


    back sleeping2


    Rolling: Most dogs generally do not like to be on their back with their belly exposed and legs in the air.  This position is very risky for them.  They are defenseless.  Now, if you are home and your dog feels safe and secure, this is another way they show love, respect and trust.  It is one of their most playful was of saying I trust you, I wanna play, look at me, and mostly I am relaxed and enjoy being in your company.

    Your furry friend may also show trust, love and admiration by leaning on you or sleeping on your lap. They can also show happiness, peace and contentment with a sigh. Dogs are very expressive and are great communicators.

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