Friday is take your dog to work day. Here are some tips


    Friday,  June 23rd is take your dog to work day.  Are you taking your furry friend in? If your office has an open "doggie" policy, here are some tips so you and your furry friend have a great day.

    take your dog to work

    1. Check with coworkers first. Even if your furry friend will be staying in your office or your cubicle, her presence might cause stress to coworkers who are allergic or afraid of dogs. Remember not everyone is a dog lover. I know that last sentence is crazy right?

    2. Your furry friend needs a bag. You should pack all her doggie needs. Make sure you have food and water dishes, toys, treats, a bed, poop bags, leash, collar, dog tags or anything else she might need during the day.

    3. Dress your furry friend for success. Make sure you groom your furry friend for the big day. Give her a bath, brush her coat, and brush her teeth so she has nice breath when she meets the boss. No one will like to see a shaggy, dirty, stinky dog.

    4. Doggie proof her "work space". Make sure the day before, you remove cords, garbage cans, or anything else that your furry friend can destroy or harm herself with.  Prep her space!

    5. Update vaccines. Most important to keep all furry friends safe and healthy that day. If she will be ruffing around with other dogs, her vaccinations or titers should be up to date.


    So now that we are all set to go, lets make sure we know the doggie don'ts.

    1. Sick dogs say home. Don’t bring your furry friend if she is sick. Enough said. Your coworkers and boss don't want to see your cute, sassy beautiful girl in this light. They definitely don't want to see/smell her vomiting or having diarrhea.

    2. Misbehaving furry friends, need not apply. Don’t bring her if she doesn't have good manners or is not house trained. Your coworkers and boss agree to this fun day and do not want a dog who will jump on clients, bark unnecessarily, or poop right in the middle of the hallway.

    Just remember to have fun and keep your furry friend happy, safe and calm.