Boston Terrier Breed Facts

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     Boston Terriers are compact, short-tailed, little dogs weighing no more than 30 pounds. The Boston Terrier is known for its sleek, shiny, straight coat in a pattern that looks like a tuxedo. In addition to their tuxedo look they have a square head, with large ears that stand upright and have big beautiful round eyes that are spaced far apart and finish their unique look.


     They are the first breed created in the United States. They were originally bred to be fighting dogs, but today, they’re gentle, affectionate companions with tuxedo-like markings that earned them the nickname “American Gentleman.” In spite of their small size, Boston terriers are excellent guard dogs. They are very protective of their families and they have a loud bark that is sure to alert their companions of danger.

     Boston terriers are very intelligent and eager to please their humans. They are great at tricks and easily trainable.

    The Boson Terrier does shed a little. Brushing weekly with a rubber grooming mit or soft brush will remove loose hair. Grooming your Boston is considered minimal. They don't need daily or weekly baths unless they get into something. Their nails need to be trimmed to prevent over grown nails that can cause problems with walking and running.

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    Boston Terriers are sensitive, easily trainable and very outgoing. They are very intuitive to their owner’s needs and moods. They tend to find a person in the family and gravitate to that one person. They become very attached. They also take very well to the elderly. They are very energetic and love to show off. Watch their speed, they are very fast.

    Like all flat-faced breeds, Boston Terriers can experience difficulty breathing when overheated. There are numerous eye disorders that are known to occur in the Boston, and eye problems are one of the most reported health problem in the breed. They include cataracts, corneal ulcers and glaucoma.

    Boston Terriers tend to experience separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. They love to be around their humans as much as possible. This is a great breed for a stay at home mom, seniors, or someone who works from home.

    Boston terriers and French bulldogs are often confused for each other. Boston terriers should be taller and a bit lighter, while a French bulldog is shorter and thicker, Both breeds have ears that point upwards all the time but the shape of the ears are noticeably different. Boston terrier ears are pointed, while French bulldog ears are completely rounded. These differences should be enough for you to distinguish between these two breeds.

    Boston Terriers average height is 15-17 inches, weigh in at about 12-30 pounds and have a life expectancy of 10 - 13 years.

    Fun Facts:
    Boston Terriers are the State dog for Massachusetts
    Helen Keller had one
    Because of the flat face, they consume alot of air when eating, thus making them very gaseous.
    2 American Presidents had Boston Terriers as their own pet

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