Best Breeds for Small Homes

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    Small homes, apartments, Condos and Co-Ops may sometimes have limited living space You will be surprise that there are many breeds of dogs which are suitable for limited living space.

    Some breeds really adapt well for an indoor living lifestyle. They usually have low energy levels and have lower exercise requirements. You will also be surprised to find that not all of these breeds are toy breeds. There are large breeds that are also suited for living in limited space. While there are many to choose from, here is a list of our favorite five Breeds that are great to have if you have limited space.

     1. Bichon Frise:  The American Kennel Club (AKC) refers to the Bichon Frise as "merry" and "cheerful", and the breed standard calls for a dog that is "gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate". The Bichon Frise loves human company and demands much of your attention. They are generally very sociable and tends to get along well with both children and other animals.  They are very obedient if training is started early and continued consistently.

    2. Pug: The pug is a toy dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colors, and a compact square body with well-developed muscle.  Strong willed but rarely aggressive, the pug is suitable for families with children. The majority of the breed is very fond of children and sturdy enough to properly play with them. They can be quiet and docile but also vivacious and teasing depending on their owner's mood

    3. Bulldog: The Bulldog is a muscular heavy dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose. Despite their fat "puss" expression, Bulldogs are generally docile and tractable. Bulldogs do not need a lot of physical exercise

    4. Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is an active little dog, they do love to run and play but small spaces are just fine for them. These little dogs are a short-haired breed, and they don't tend to be “heavy shedders.”

    5:  Chihuahua: The Chihuahua is small in size and make a great apartment dog. They require minimum exercise and love being close to their owners.

     I have to give Honorable mentioned to The Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier,  Brusell Griffons, Dachshund, Lhasa Apso, Italian Greyhound and Shih Tzu who make our long list.

    Did your pet make the list?  Looking for more information about these breeds. 

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