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    small home

    Small homes, apartments, Condos and Co-Ops may sometimes have limited living space You will be surprise that there are many breeds of dogs which are suitable for limited living space.

    Some breeds really adapt well for an indoor living lifestyle. They usually have low energy levels and have lower exercise requirements. You will also be surprised to find that not all of these breeds are toy breeds. There are large breeds that are also suited for living in limited space. While there are many to choose from, here is a list of our favorite five Breeds that are great to have if you have limited space.

    dog sleeps between your legs

    Why does my dog like to sleep between my legs?

    Does your dog want to always be between your legs? Is this your dogs goto position to sleep in? There are many theories. Here are the most common thoughts as to why your dog chooses to sleep between your legs.


    Breed of the Day - Pug

    pug 2

    Can you just fall in love with their face - wrinkles, big bulging eyes, flat short muzzled face.   The pug is a great family friendly breed considered a large toy breed. They love spending time with their humans and require little exercise. Pugs are very intelligent and extremely affectionate. 

    Sleep Position

    Ever look at your furry friend when she is sleeping and wonder why she is sleeping like that. Just like humans, dogs have a favorite position to sleep in. and it just might be linked to their behavior or personality. So, what does your dog sleep style mean.

    dog in bed

    Do You Sleep With Your Dog?

    I am sure you have been asked "Do you let your dog sleep with you?"  If you answer yes, I'm sure the next thing you here is "Oh, no --your dog should sleep in a crate or on the floor." This has been a hot top for pet lovers and will continue to be one for years to come.  While this topic appears to be a personal choice, studies show that about half of pet owners let their furry friends sleep with them. 

    Recent research shows there are .many benefits to sleeping with your furry friend and you should not feel bad.