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    Babe it's cold outside. Yes it is. If you think it's cold outside so does your dog. Leaving your dog outside for long periods of time and not cleaning their paws upon return can lead to hypothermia and frost bite.This safety guide will help keep your pet safe during the cold winter weather. 


    You notice a wet spot on your carpet. Upon further investigation, you conclude your dog peed on the carpet.  First, it happens, even to the best of dogs.  Maybe you missed the potty sign, or maybe you were out and lost track of time or maybe your dog is becoming a senior and may have a bladder control issue.  If it happens more than once, you will notice your furry friend will probably go in the same spot. If she keeps goes in the same spot it may be because you really haven't removed the smell.

    So she peed, your over it, now you need to get rid of the smell.  

    dogs do speak

    Do you speak dog? Every dog makes sounds. How many sounds does your dog make? Is she a barker or howler? Do you ever wonder what your dogs sounds mean? Do you know what she is trying to say? Yes, I said say. Some people say dogs don't speak. I say they do, but only to those who listen. It's important to listen but it's even more important to understand what they are trying to communicate.  Sometimes they are communicating happiness and other times they are communicating fear. Do you know the difference?

    These are the five most common types of sounds your dog can make in order to speak with you.