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    Ever look at your dog  while she is sleeping and wonder why she is sleeping like that. Is she comfortable? Just like us, dogs have a favorite sleep position and it just might be linked to their behavior or personality. Some sleep on their side or all curled up in a ball. Others sleep on their back with their legs up in the air or on their belly with their legs sprawled out.  Another very popular sleep position is the buddy position. What style position does your dog sleep in? Does she have a favorite or does it change?

    So, what does your  dog sleep style mean. 

    dogs plate

    Thanksgiving is a holiday that usually includes lots of extended family coming over and celebrating the day with lots of laughter, joy and eating! It is one of the days that we always worry about our furry friends. How will they react to all the people, how will we keep them safe from food that relatives may want to feed them. Well, this year due to Covid, Thanksgiving may be different. Will you be celebrating it with only a hand full of families? Many people are saying they will skip the big family holiday this year. Or will you continue the big family get together? No judgements from us on how you gather. Whether you are hosting only a hand full of people or the usual gang, it's important to remember our dogs plate and the safe and not safe foods they can and can't enjoy. 

    First, I believe human food consumption for our furry friends is okay in moderation.  Second, know your dog. Some will suggest the dairy is not safe for your dog and if consumed, they will get an upset stomach or diarrhea.  My three dogs have always enjoyed a nice bowl of ice cream on a warm sunny day with no problems. Third, when in doubt, I always suggest checking with your vet. Some breeds can handle certain foods while others can't.

    Here are a few dangerous items for you to remember during the holiday season.